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    As a four year old watching my father paint, I was mesmerized by the collective power of the little dabs of paint he applied to his canvas  to convey whole objects and places. 

   So it continues for me that the pattern  of things  and particularly the creative impulse of mark making with universal pictorial motivations in signs and symbols is essential to my art.  My present work is a synthesis of these particular elements of artistic faith.     

    My monoprints are  etched on plexiglass, inked with etching ink and printed with an etching press. 

   The plate is cleaned and inked again   each time with new colors. Colors are applied with a roller over the etched plate before printing resulting in  a single inking. Each pass through the press is a new print and one of a kind. Hence, monoprint.

 Digitally worked composite photographs are able to capture time with present, past, and future. Drawing into a photographic image with line  is like taking an endlessly exciting journey through time, space, dimension and material. The computer allows me to speak to this time right now and include the symbols and energy of color that are eternal.   All my digital works are composites of all the things I do with my hands and my mind guided by my eyes.