Line, Color, and Space are elements that I have come to venerate not only for their visual properties but as the magical elements  with which I play every day. Whether with pen and ink or paint on a roller, I  focus  on the magic of the line making connections  through time and space.   


     In the content and process of my work I am interested in what connects ancient meanings to contemporary ideas.   I have fun with the visual properties of signs, and symbols as they fit into my composition but also how they evoke responses subliminally.


     A new structure occurs   as drawing merges with painting. Ink lines are drawn freehand with a ruling pen. Fields of color are applied with roller. All provide a very immediate and sensual experience in the process with a resulting expressiveness that is visceral. The  movement  of my hands as extensions of my body feel  like a dance as I work. My intention to communicate something unutterable is achieved.





In the midst of a global pandemic, the efforts to rid our counntry of fascism in 2020, and the promise of a justice system in repair In 2021, I greet you and wish you good health.


In 2018 I made the decision to relocate my studio to a building on my property in New Jersey about 45min. south of Philadelphia, PA and 20 min. east of Wilmington, DE, and 70 miles north of Baltimore, MD,  but also 50 min. west of Strathmere Beach, NJ. I designed the renovation and in March 2021 SPROUTS AND LADDERS completed construction. YAY!



I  connected with Daniel Cartier, a talented young artist, who became an invaluable studio assist with all the final rearranging and operations moving forward We had high hopes for a fun celebration in my spanking new digs and, with no warning, plans had to halt. We were in a pandemic. The world was in a pandemic and as Americans we were the last to know.

So for more than a year we have had to lay low.



Never mind the shut down and the solitude I am a studio artist. I took full advantage of not being obligated to go anywhere. I had a full roll of Arches Cold Press and went to work with sweet abandon. It was more like play.


As an active Board member, I participated in the 2020 PAFA Fellowship Annual. It was   juried by Rebecca McCleary. PAFA Fellowship Show — HOT•BED › pafa-fellowship-show

2020 Fellowship Annual Exhibition  

  • Location: 723 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA, 19106 United States

  • Phone: (267) 918-7432

My beautifully framed (IRWIN FRAMING) 50x45 acrylic on paper titled  “DAWN”,  won the  Lucy Glick Award.  


Rhoda Rosenberg & Rachel Citrino Works on Paper. Works on Paper is the third virtual exhibit curated by Barbara Sosson and site design by Mostafa Darwish.. To be directed to the Virtual Gallery please click the link above.


I  was then offered a solo show at Perkins in Collingswood. It was a very difficult decision but I had just completed a new body of upbeat and hopeful works and was eager to share. I showed 10 large works on paper to about 10  masked and distanced visitors.  Solo Exhibition - "Sunshine On My Left Shoulder" by Rachel ... › event › solo-exhibition-sunshine

Nov 22, 2020 · Collingswood Gallery November 22, 2020 through January 14, 2021 Artist’s Reception on Saturday, December 12, 2020 5:00 – 8:00 PM Rachel Citrino is a contemporary artist and independent curator. Her works reflect the past, present and future. Many of the new works concentrate on one particular color and were completed during quarantine for COVID-19. Virtual Exhibition.

I  have a limited number of  full color catalogs with images of each work in the show for sale.    

A YELLOW CHAIR INTERVIEW with Curator, Sharon Keifer was produced by STROBE. A virtual show was made available.

Enjoy the interview here.



I am at work on a new series now. Large works on paper. Posting progress along the way.  Because COVID still holds us hostage  we are complying with all safety rules.

We hope to have a video tour available in June. September we will invite visitors by appointment always complying with CDC guidelines.

Wear a mask because you are a decent human being. Get vaccinated for the same humanitarian reasons.


THE 2021 FELLOWSHIP OF PAFA ANNUAL EXHIBITION at GROSS McCLEAF GALLERY in Center City, Philadelphia!! Opening Reception Friday, November 5th! Special thanks to Rebecca Segall, Juror, and Gallery Owner and Director! BE THERE!!!!

A HUGE NOTE  OF GRATITUDE for our esteemed president: Barbara Sosson for the tireless work of directing and maintaining PAFA FELLOWSHIP as we move forward with a growing membership and a robust future for our mission of artists helping artists.

More public exhibits coming this year.

Stay tuned for MURAL ARTS in 2021